On the road again….

I'm in the club in the airport in London on my way to bangkok…

It was cold here today preparing me for the cold at home I think,  but Bangkok will be another story.

I think every man and his dog was in London today, I've never seen so many people. They kept bumping into my camera…. my face was getting redder and redder. So I went and bought a fold up back pack. Now they have to slap me on the back to get to it….!!!

I thought I would do a little test at the bus stop. I stood very still and 4 people just bumped into me, I mean  I wasn't even moving.   I GAVE THEM THE "WATCH OUT" look, but it didn't do much good.

I visited Westminster Abbey.  What an amazing building. Edward the Confessor and his workman, did a marvelous job. I told him so today….!!!!

Then I went and sat in the Church, St Martins in the Fields in Trafalgar square. I listened to a Baroque concert rehearsal. There were 15 violins, a base, 2 cellos and a harpsicord and they played Vivaldi. It was wonderful. There were a few homeless people who joined me. Every time the music rose they woke up with a start …..

I gave up the violin at 10, to take up the harp…. I wasn't too good at that either… my hands were to small to span an octave. I wasn't too good at the piano and guitar either, so I'm going to buy a Dobro when I come back to Houston. I reckon I can put everything \i've learnt together and I should be able to play that.


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