Month: September 2010

I’m home…

OOOOOh, I just sighed… It's 10.30 in Auckland and I've just got home… so its been a very long day. No flight delays this time but a I could be polite and say I had a VERY interesting trip. The flights were packed and from Auckland I had a rather large grumpy lady sitting on the aisle, a lovely young Mauri man in the middle seat and I was on the window side…. The young man was three times my size so it was rather cosy…..and he was terrified of flying… He had to get up to go to the loo all the time…. and he held my hand for landing…. he gave me a huge hug and kiss as we went through customs… and he asked me if I would like to hang out with his mates (who came to visit him in Sydney)…we had 3 hours to wait for the plane to Adelaide…. I declined, but it was a kind offer and I don't think his mates would have appreciated me along…. The …

I’ve been there – a note from my 2008 diary.

"I've been there" Sometimes it's better to keep silent in general conversation about travel. !!!!! The unintentional movement of the eyes say it all…..the  body language is blatantly clear and unless the group is lodged behind a table in a booth, there will often be a subtle, general exodus. I talk little about travel when I get home. I don't show my pictures to my friends or regular quilt group. They have continued a life while I was absent and have pressing and meaningful life experiences to discuss. It's not just travel, but generalities that are left in the suitcase  when I get home. At a recent forum on Teachers, I did  try to talk to my Guild about the teaching methods I use overseas, and got re-buffed by  an indignant shop owner who had probably had 3 or 4 American Tutors teach in her shop (many years ago)."I've seen how Americans teach, it's no different to here"  most times I just smile and inwardly shake my head in resignation. I'm sure you have all …

An Update on the portrait class.

It's almost midnight and the day has been full of laughter, fun and familiarity. The projects are progressing and most of them will have a degree of quilting on them tomorrow. There was no time for a stroll along the beach today. It was packed with families and children enjoying the school holidays… It's our last day tomorrow…. I'll be sorry this small journey is over.   Matching thread Practicing quilting The end of the day…..!!!!!

Textures and teeth

Gallery of ideas for textures. We walked on the beach today…. we photographed textures for consideration of future art pieces. It was really thought provoking. Its been an interesting day today…. it's almost always "turn around" day for the participants… It's the Ah Ha moment. Portraits are difficult. I don't pretend that its an easy class. That's why it's called a masterclass. We strive for realism, and often end up with impressionism, but I always encourage pragmatism. It's a joy for me as a tutor when suddenly a full mouth of teeth produce great excitement. The eye of a child is recognizable, the nose of a Grandmother is  completed. Each student is taken out of their comfort zone, and is pushed to the limit…. but end up with a great piece of work. I'm the tutor, I need to encourage and guide gently… and the work is testament to my students enthusiasm.

Capturing the day – Auckland I was up late last night trying to put the Capturing my day video up…. but here it is… It's been a great day…. the ladies are wonderful and we embarked on a large project… 5 days of portraiture. The retreat is on the coast, just half an hour from Auckland. The class overlooks the ocean and we took an hour off after lunch to walk on the beach and have a bit of a photography lesson. How lucky am I to be here… It's late, I need to sleep, but I have some interesting things to share tomorrow….


I have a habit. I wish I could break it. I sleep in my chair the night before I have a very early flight… Needless to say I don't get a good nights rest and Keith woke me as he walked past…. It was about 3 deg and freezing. We got to the airport  with an hour or so to spare….. only to find the plane was delayed…. and delayed, and delayed. I was getting worried about making my next flight and they put me on an earlier flight… as it was, I had just 10 minutes to wait for my International flight. In Sydney, you have to catch a bus from one airport to the next and then go through immigration, so I was pushing it. I arrived here in Auckland at 8.00 last night and I did make this small video last night… however, the morning is the best time to publish it.. But the internet is taking it's time…. so I will try to do it tonight.