Bangkok flower Market

I DID go to the flower market this morning.

I had a taxi drop me off from the hotel.

I suddenly found myself, (the only foreigner) amongst a sea of Thai people… which is probable because I'm in Thailand.

Gees how am I going to get back again….?

OK, the hotel is on the river, so after I photographed, I walked and walked till I found the river…

Then I knew where I was and I went back to photograph more. It was a wonderful experience. Everyone was friendly and welcoming.

(the signal is too weak here in the club to put up photos, I will do it tomorrow from home)

I have never seen so many flowers, bags and bags, 1000's of marigold flowers, can you  imagine just what it looks like in the fields…?

1 dozen roses for 30B (about a dollar AU)

Orchids of every kind, greenery and jasmine…. heady scent and unimaginable beauty.

I walked on further and found the Indian Quarter, I found silks, lace, jewelry and brilliant color… what a way to end the trip.

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  1. Chris John says:

    Did you spend Pam or did you simply immerse yourself in the atmosphere of it all?

  2. peggy says:

    I can only imagine the scents, colors and sights. Glad you enjoyed it, safe travels home….peg

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