OOOh, the bags are packed again.

I don't leave here until evening, but I need to get an early start photographing tomorrow… I left it too late today to go to the flower market, too much procrastinating.

I was happy with the trip on the river though…. I used my BIG lens, and it's heavy specially when the boat is rocking.

I usually use a mono pod with it, but it's a bit hard in a boat…!

I was taken to a  zoo, which was unexpected. It was sad.

But I've a plan to go back to some of the temples I passed today  on the trip in December. Keith is a good camera carrier.



I love Bangkok. You know, when we first came here to adopt Joshua, we were so young and so naive, I was quite scared out on the street.

The Adoption agency put us in an interesting hotel, it was cheap, and we found out later it was a brothel…. I was fascinated and they were embarrassed. I'll never forget, the owner asked me not to move so fast, it was making him and his staff uncomfortable…. "slow down, walk, don't run" he said.

How things have changed. Josh is 35, and gorgeous. I'm staying in sheer luxury and I feel so comfortable out in the streets.

The streets are spotless. How can it be so?

Oh, and people don't bump into you, they don't spit gum on the pavement and drop their cigarette butts and food wrappers…   London, take a lesson.


You can buy the most delicious food on the street. Small restaurants set up everywhere, it's a bit like going into the center of Sydney and the footpaths are lined with smoking stoves, delicious smelling food, little tables and chairs and ladies with plastic bags of "stuff" green, gold and red.

The photo above is the open air restaurant under the stairs to the station.

I watched a young man expertly peel and cut up a pineapple, it was poetry in a knife.


So 3 major cities in just 10 days… Sure I compare them, but they all have the pro's and cons.

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  1. Lyn Duhig says:

    I love Bangkok too. Visited there often for work. We stay in serviced apartments and got to know the street restaurants in the area well – the best food. The hop on hop off river tour is worth doing but I would pick one or two different stops to explore thoroughly on each trip instead of trying to “do” them all. I spent a lovely day at the Temple and palace complex – lots of great design influences there! And the Kings barges are well worth a thorough visit – definitely take your camera.

  2. Naomi in Oregon, USA says:

    I lived in Bangkok for 3 months and absolutely loved it. There is so much worth photographing; just about any of the temples are amazing. Enjoy!!

  3. ann says:

    loved your photos in Gallery, I will never visit Bangkok but now I have a good idea of how it looks, thank you. Sorry the people who ‘bumped’ into you in London were so rude, many in that city are without manners, fortunately there are also lots of lovely, friendly people in England, especially further North.

  4. Pam says:

    Ann, it’s one of those things… but interesting to compare.
    I dislike my space invaded..
    It seems like someone is taking away some of your personality when they come inside your barrier.

  5. Robbie Payne says:

    I just love your blog..not only for the artist inspiration but for the ‘travel logs’! Thanks so much and continue to have a safe trip!

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