What do you do with all those photos.?

The entire time I've been traveling I've been playing with converting my photos to paintings through the computer.

I have a traveling sketch pad Bamboo  it works well onmy mac.

I suggest you click on the video on their site and it will give you much more information than I can give you in this blog.

Other than sketching with it, (which I haven't done too much on the road)

You can manipulate your photos…

Take this photo for instance….

How would you put it into a quilt?

I put the photo into my computer program and "Painted" it with pen.

The first part below is the underpainting and from there I could get the basic colors… I would use this image to assist with thread selection without going overboard.

1 underpainting

The next photo, I've stopped the painting at this stage to allow the background to show through.

I could either dye the background or make blocks of color if I so desired.

2 underpainting
But with this picture, I'm going to print it on fabric as it is, and thread paint it…

When you enlarge the painting below, you will notice that part of the chin is missing on the face on the right hand side… I would need to do fill it in with thread…

3 underpainting
But I like the idea…. it will be this weeks challenge, back to it folk.

Jewish Man tiff

similarly, I've converted this photo that I took in NY. I've used a differnt method… and it actually gives me wonderful quilting lines. I really like this one.


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