Funny things from kids.

A comment from my daughter Rachael yesterday.

funny is my baby girl…while watching Mama Mia she starts sobbing uncontrollably because the daughter is riding off into the sunset to her
wedding…why was Tilly crying??? Because she doesn't want to leave her
mummy when she gets married….so at 4 she's decided, no wedding, just a
boyfriend and we'll all live together! Mmmmm cute now…we'll see when
she's 30"


Miss Tilly and Mr kodi.


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  1. Dolores says:

    I wonder if Tilly will remember what she said when she was 4.

  2. Rach says:

    Well now that Bama has blogged it its there to remind her….especially when she’s ateenager. lol

  3. Wow..!!! She is too good to think about such an interesting topic…It seems that she learned enough from the life she spend till the date..I appreciate her…she is too little but have great sense of humour..

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