A quandry.

In preparation for a new studio, I'm going through a time warp.

I throw out something each day and it's a bit sad really. I'm throwing away memories.

For instance. I was on a group called "Quiltersebee" years and years ago… I sent messages from the shed… and I signed in as "Pam in the shed"   I saved everyone's reply (on paper for petes sake)  I was just so excited to get all this information… I wanted to learn it all.

Wow, I just checked and they are still online…..!!! fabulous.

But just how much can you keep?

I have books and books of patterns I designed… what can I do with them? I'll never make them, and if they are half done, I'll never finish them.

I've given a lot away, but now I'm getting down to the Nitty gritty… the ones I always wanted to keep. I'd never make that genre of quit now…so what's the point.

I'm not going to teach that method ever again either…. but in reality, the notes are super, the quilts are different and I put so much work into them….

So I get out the folders……. look at them, touch the blocks and then put them back on the shelf. Just as I did an hour ago…

That's just one of 75 folders. Yikes.

Village 7  
This was one of the first quits I designed on EQ4 … I still like it… it's quirky. I was into the USA,  birdhouses, Debbie Mumm and country.

I spent the day editing today. It takes an age… but I'm on the home stretch.

Tilly and I cooked a few meals and I made her a video of Disneyland… she played it 3 times, her Mum is rapt….

I came back into the shed, she had replayed the video and was sitting there in her finest….

She has wonderful taste in glasses, and her Mum is also thrilled I gave her the headband from Mexico….!!


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  1. Audrey says:

    I have been trying for ages to remember what list you were on where you posted from the shed. Thanks for reminding me of the name.

  2. Pamie G. says:

    It is that list that I first saw your name and started following your career, you were awesome and if awesomer was a word, you are that too today! Thanks for sharing your talents with the world! Pamie G.

  3. Susan S says:

    I was one of the people on Quiltersbee and Quiltbee when you started out in the shed and I have seen how you have grown! It is inspiring

  4. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    How do you bear to be away from Miss Tilly? What a treat.

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