Archiving our special pieces.

Mum shifted from her Unit earlier this year and moved into her "Resort". Once again, she had collected a large number of art works…

I was on a flying trip home, and her artworks have been stashed in the shed since then, probably around 4 months…

I'm a neat freak and I need them organized and today I began.

One of the notes on my Ipad,  has been to buy Archive boxes to put it in… and today I began to do that…

I will document it all, give some to Mum to finish and give her all the photos.. so she knows where her treasures are….

You know how possessive we are about our quilts!!!!

How will you Archive your quilts, embroideries, Artwork…?

These are the ones I did today….

I put all the patterns together in their own clear plastic bags… I added the threads, some of them are already marked…

I'll take photos of each work and give Mum a set and I will have a set for my siblings…

Any other suggestions would be gratefully received.



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  1. Pam,
    Include details of the location everything is stored in the copy for your siblings …. other than that you have probably got it covered.
    Judy B

  2. Hi Pammy,
    Sorry to hear about your Mum.I love the photos, did you do that in Keynote?
    I keep a register of my embroidery and these are the things I put in it.
    Title/Pattern/Kit Name
    Threads and fabric
    Framed Dimensions
    Start and finish dates
    Who was it made for
    Additional Notes
    You might want to ask you Mum about some of these things;
    any special memories
    modifications made to the pattern
    things she liked and disliked about the piece.

  3. robbie payne says:

    What a wonderful idea! Mum will be so pleased! I keep my small journal pieces in a binder by Staples that has 12 clear protector sheets in it. That way I can see the front and back of my work. I also put a picture of my inspiration for my journal piece on my label along with my name/date/yada yada. I love the idea of putting extra threads and what not in your package! Thanks for sharing!

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