Good news and bad news….

Good news and bad news….. it's a bit of a XXXXX really….

The good news, I will share with you all in a few days, bad news is that Mums cancer has returned and in not very nice places….

So Mum…… (she reads the blog at breaky every day)….    remember…..

"Well behaved women never make history…."

I'd give it all you've got really…. you can do what you like…


I think a hat like this one I saw in London would create a stir at the "resort" dinner table.

I think I'd give the outfit a miss though….!!!


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  1. Nola says:

    Love and Hugs Pam and for your Mum and the family too.
    Nola. xx

  2. robbie payne says:

    So sorry about Mum but I can tell you come from a ‘strong stock’ so I’m sure Mum is a fighter and strong lady too! In our thoughts and prayers!

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