Where do I start?

Where do I start….?

Does this ever happen to you.?

I started work out here in the studio early this morning doing some of the background quilting on the Buddha image….

It's rather boring and takes ages and for some reason I'm a little antsy and need to get moving on things…. so boring doesn't fit the mood.

Why did I decide on this quilting? well the image wasn't puckered… but I sort of like this effect and I'm going to quilt the diamonds over the top of this quilting…

I think it will look interesting… (certainly different)


I have so many things to complete this weekend. Gabriella info, quilts for Alamogordo, and an international block, and of course notes for the next 6 weeks.

Supplies need to be ordered for Houston and beyond and I'm still cleaning…. I've had lots of suggestions as to what to do with the patterns…!!!!!

As I work I've listened to the  SAQA seminar on cameras and it reinforced the notes I made last night…  Shoot in Raw…

I've thrown out lots of surplus stuff today, things I've had on the notice board, fu fu things I've collected and I've dusted and vacuumed…. and it's only 9.36 am !!!!.

Then I get distracted and do stuff like this…..writing the blog, answering emails, the phone, the laundry.

OK, so now I've written it down I can get on with business….


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