I'm exhausted.

It's almost 6.00 pm and I've just closed the shed, turned on the alarms and I'm packed…

I've had folk visiting all day which has been super…. it kept me away from the machine and I'm rather pleased…. Oh, no, I did have to take up Mothers new trousers. !!!!!!

I don't do "Take up", or alterations…. I get a bit crabby really and I had three pair to do today.. One pair didn't look too good really, sorry Mum

I nearly killed myself lifting a new desk that arrived and then I had to assemble it…

I talked for ages to our realtor…. whoow, do we really want to go down that path?

So tomorrow I will share the beauty of Auckland NZ with you.

A group of wonderful ladies are excited at spending 5 days at a retreat creating a portrait… and so am I.

Right now, I'm not sure which way I'm going, so I'm going out to dinner…


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