I have a habit.

I wish I could break it.

I sleep in my chair the night before I have a very early flight…

Needless to say I don't get a good nights rest and Keith woke me as he walked past….

It was about 3 deg and freezing.

We got to the airport  with an hour or so to spare….. only to find the plane was delayed…. and delayed, and delayed.

I was getting worried about making my next flight and they put me on an earlier flight… as it was, I had just 10 minutes to wait for my International flight. In Sydney, you have to catch a bus from one airport to the next and then go through immigration, so I was pushing it.

I arrived here in Auckland at 8.00 last night and I did make this small video last night… however, the morning is the best time to publish it..

But the internet is taking it's time…. so I will try to do it tonight.

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