I’m home…

OOOOOh, I just sighed…

It's 10.30 in Auckland and I've just got home… so its been a very long day.

No flight delays this time but a I could be polite and say I had a VERY interesting trip.

The flights were packed and from Auckland I had a rather large grumpy lady sitting on the aisle, a lovely young Mauri man in the middle seat and I was on the window side….

The young man was three times my size so it was rather cosy…..and he was terrified of flying…

He had to get up to go to the loo all the time…. and he held my hand for landing…. he gave me a huge hug and kiss as we went through customs… and he asked me if I would like to hang out with his mates (who came to visit him in Sydney)…we had 3 hours to wait for the plane to Adelaide…. I declined, but it was a kind offer and I don't think his mates would have appreciated me along….

The grumpy lady became the subject of one of the faces for the Alphabet.

He sat in another seat on the way to Adelaide…. and another person helped him through the take off and landing…

I was surrounded by screaming…..YES, I mean screaming children all the way from Sydney to Adelaide…two were sitting directly behind directly behind me. I reckon I had a hundred kicks in the back and so did the gal next to me… they even pulled her hair… then the child in front of us did the same and the two to the side of us were in competition… and the one two seats behind us…it was stereo insanity….

Its the first time I've ever gritted my teeth on the plane…. If those little poppits cried I would be sympathetic… but blood curdling screams….. NO….!

My cat ran out on the road to meet me, talking all the way down the steps…. the Ralf had an excitement drama…..

So I'm home, in the jamas and I'm going to sit and watch TV and drink coffee while Keith goes to the Guild meeting.

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  1. Welcome home Pammy.

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