Sharing the special Quilt.

Its so nice to wind down. DSC01895

I had time to draw the roof of the house over the road and convert it into a palm tree with fig leaves….

(weird, I know) but it was a before breakfast thought.

I judged all day yesterday. Its not too often that you can spend the day running your hands over wonderful textile art.

I try to imagine what the maker was thinking as she/he created their quilts.

I feel I do a disservice to the quilts that just don't quite make the muster.

But then again this is a competition… we are looking at the best of the best and indeed some of the quilts were stunning.

Its interesting being a Judge when your own quilts are in another country being Judged….!!!!!


Woow, now I can show you this one….!!!!! whoopee.

Last night Carolyn and I went to the opening show of "Eat, pray, love"  the reviews were terrible…. but we really enjoyed it… It's a Chick Flick and well worth the entrance money.

Tonight, we went to the theater to see "Tripod"….Loved it. We were the oldest in the audience by far, but we didn't stop laughing all the way through the performance.

Visits to 4 quilt shops today…. and I had to purchase fabric for a special event…

Here's the info….!!!

Alex Veronelli is happy to see many friends in the Patchwork Promises Teams : Pam Holland , Nancy Mahoney , Peggy Bass , Kaye England & Nikki Foley . Patchwork Promises is the first international round robin , featuring 7 countries. 35 quilters are working on this unique project sponsored by Aurifil, which will be shown at The International Quilt Festival of Ireland 2012



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  1. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    The quilt is a real treat. Is that your group quilt and will it be in Houston? Is that Ralf supervising?

  2. Nancy McGihon says:

    Fabulous, astounding!
    I learn such dangerous and fascinating things on your blog–International Show in Ireland (gotta go), a trip with you to the north of France (I’m thinking).
    We have Pacific International in Santa Clara this week.

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