Designs everywhere….!!! in stores, in shopping centres and even in the lift.

I think we've fixed the internet problem…

We shifted rooms and finally I can set up my "on the road studio"



Out shopping today I had the job of photographing leaves… it was in rather an exclusive shopping centre, and there I was with the camera a few inches from the pot plants…. I got a number of strange looks…

Keith, fortunately sat some distance away pretending he didn't know me.

I've created an image to practice my design skills…. I've not used watercolors before and I'm thoroughly enjoying it… and of course it's great to have the time without having to think of too many other things.

The picture isn't finished… the leaf behind will be red for contrast…. and I must be thinking a little differently because I've reversed the month in the date !!!!! I've even got the wrong day !!!

I visited 3 of my favorite stores today… Chico's, J Jill and "Anthropology"


I bought this gorgeous shawl and two bowls to have our breakfast in as we travel.

I'd just love to share "Anthropology" with my girls… they would love it…but I bought them something special.

I'd was itching to photograph in the store… they had a huge bed with fabulous, bright, naive print fabric quilts on it.. behind the bed was a drape made of burlap… Sewn to the burlap were squares of red and orange  fabric…. they were held by hand made blue and natural color woven draw strings….

Oh, goodness it was fabulous.

Still I have a mind picture.

Going back to the picture of the leaves above… when I get home I will digitise it, and sew it to fabric…. like this…


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  1. Glenda Hepburn says:

    Great start to my day Pam, specially the trip to Anthropology!!!!!! Have fun Cheers Glenda

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