Catching up.


Capturing the Day, San Diego Zoo.


Sorry folks the video took too long to complete so take a look at the album    You will find a lot of textures amongst the photos. Lots of creative inspiration.


Today, we  did the tourist thing… a tour of LA.

I found it quite interesting, but then again I'm not a good tourist. I took notes on what I need to visit again. I sort of find being a tourist a little degrading, you loose the power to make decisions for yourself because correctly you are limited to a time schedule.

Folks on the bus photographing the "Hollywood sign" 

Venice Beach is really sad, however, I enjoyed the graffiti.


I love good graffiti… this one even has it's own attendant


The meeting place…. but just where is it?


Patchwork towels.


This face, who is it? it looks down from the gaudiest of restaurants. I wonder what stories it could tell.

Now this guy was really cute, I love his hair and his outfit standing amongst the stars in Hollywood.

Look up, Look up….what is she looking at? I love bird silhouettes.


 Every two-wheeled wooden shopping cart at Farmers Market is hand-made on the property; the carts are painted in “Farmers Market Green,” the official name of the color.

That's about it for the day….. interesting, interesting….

Notes: –

I need to visit  LACMA  (Los Angeles Community of Art) to go to the Collection

But that will be for my next trip.

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