what a day.

It began well, the sun was shining. Keith and I went to Big Boy to dine on poached eggs on rye and then back to the hotel to begin at 9.00.

We were well into the swing of things when the wind began to whip up. You couldn't walk out the door without being blown  down the pavement.

At 11.15. the power went out and remained out till almost 9.30 pm

We had an inventive class in the afternoon, drawing, cutting applique and looking at fabric, we lost a bit of precious time and worked until we lost the daylight.

We all bought flashlights and went out to a diner for dinner…our worries forgotten as we tucked into our food.

 I was convinced the power would be on when we got back, but all was in darkness still.

So we played scrabble and cribbage by candle light…. (another use for the ipad) and had a fabulous time…. I makes you think that at times we need to look a little further than our quilting for entertainement.


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