Capturing the day.

I'm going to document the day, keep tuned…. Buying supplies just after arrival. We begin with coffee…. Class is about to begin Next day, ……. just no time to do anything on the blog, but I'll add a few photos…… Jacaranda tree…. freemotion zig zag applique..


Just a short note to everyone  to say "THANKYOU" for your amazing support…. I must admit, I'm rather overwhelmed. We were in Oman when I got the news. Yes, I taught all day and I think it was the best antidote to sadness… I just kept busy. We finished class a little early yesterday and…

Just a short note, Mum passed away this morning. It was quite hard teaching today.

No Internet.

I have no internet, so no blog for a few days. Our Mum is very low and so I will be home early…..

Journal Quilts

There is something very satisfying about becoming the traveling companion of a person on a journey of creativity. My Journal Quilt class is one such jaunt. As we travel we gather memories. It may be a photo of an occasion tucked away in a box. It may be a picture in a brochure or book….

Dubai bound.

  Wednesday was a quieter day. Keith and I visited the College where my sister and her Husband teach. We engaged in conversational English with 15  adult male students and it is compulsory that they are attired in their national dress, more commonly known as the Dishdash. The fabric, the finest Japanese cotton. Jan, (a…

A special Day

I can't believe my luck as I sit in this mini bus on this a most perfect day. There isn't a cloud in the sky. It's hot ( around 30 deg ) We're driving along a road that clings to the side of huge limestone mountain ridge. The sea, blue, glazed and pristine is on…

That’s my day.

36 hours of travel and we are finally in Dubai….it was a very long haul. Now how can it be that as we are getting off the plane in Dubai…. a lady who was sitting in front of us suddenly bursts forth, "Oh, you're the quilter" !!! So there you go, quilters are noted all…