Tactile Textiles.


Houston, houston, houston.

I've been up since 4.30…. there are so manythings racing through my mind and when I get to Houston this afternoon I'll be running…


Tactile Textiles is up an running and I will put up a web page in the next day or so….

I'm going to work on it on the plane.

The event will be from the 26th March 2011 until the 31st March in the Velda Rose on Park Avenue Resort and Spa in Hot Springs Arkansas.

There will be 3 classes and you can come for all three…

Quilting with Character and Charisma…. (Alphabet)   1 day             

Thread Painting. 2 day

Mexican Tiles. 2 day

Accomodation is a double suite, but you can fit 3 persons in each suite….

It will be the Official Opening of the hotel and as well as a Quilt Show there will be an official dinner.

It's really exciting.


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