Jewel Pearce Patterson award.

Last night we held a function for the present and past Jewel Pearce Patterson Scholarship winners.

Each year, International Quilt Market honors a worthy quilting instructor with the scholarship, created in honor of the late Jewel Pearce Patterson. Patterson was a quilting teacher, one of the co-founders of the International Quilt Association, and mother of Quilts, Inc. president, Karey Patterson Bresenhan.

Bonnie Mccaffrey made a vidcast a few years ago interviewing a couple of us talking about how our careers had changed as a result of the scholarship.

All of us have gone on to successful careers.

Lisa Walton from Australia is this years recipient and  the final winner of the award and she joins Diane Finigan and myself as the Australian winners.

We do have some plans for future events for our group and I'm excited at the prospect…. for me it was a huge stepping stone to International acceptance.


Rachelle sharing her quilt at the event last night



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  1. maree says:

    Big Congratulations to you All Pam…Lovely photo.
    Go Aussie oui oui oui.

  2. Pam says:

    Maree, thanks so much….. I appreciate your thoughts.

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