How did she do that?

It's the end of another marvelous day.



This the business of a show, chatting, sharing and the thrill and adventure of learning something new.

Each year, the standard gets higher,

Each year I marvel.

I question,

I'm surprised,

I'm thrilled,

I'm amused and puzzled.

I accept and I challenge.

That is the nature of a quilt show.


I've just returned from a short trip to the floor. I must admit, I spent more time laughing and chatting with friends than photographing…

So in saying that I ask, have you ever been to a quilt show and stood in front of a quilt and think "Now, just how did she do that"?

That's the focus of my album this evening……. I've had to put it up in an album  because its too hard to add a lot of photos at once on the blog.

See if you can work out how these quilters created their images.

How did she do that?

The first Quilt in the album belongs to Pat Holly, I've missed a few of the other creators, but will add their titles in the next post.



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  1. Mindy says:

    Thank you! Great set of photos!

  2. Charmayne says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH…..that parrot.

  3. Congratulations on that ribbon. Well deserved.

  4. Gayle Reeder says:

    I completely agree Charmayne.

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