Thank you – how did she do that No 3.


I had a great day today…. it was rather special.

A late appointment this afternoon prevented me from going to the SAQA function, then again I did need a quiet evening catching up.

The day was busy yesterday and during the day a little fatigue began to creep in and  I struggled a little.

But tiredness forgotten, at 6.30  friends arrived in the lobby bar of the hilton. Friends from NZ, Washington State, Arkansas, Australia, Minnesota and other far flung places…. It was great, the conversation went round and round, we have a lot in common, but  not everyone in the group was a quilter!!!!!!

I can't  believe it, I forgot to take the camera….

The night ended very late and new friends were made at a local restaurant. I fell into bed exhausted and pretty happy with my lot.

I walked the floor today during lunch. I walked quietly taking in all on view. My considered opinion is that I didn't really see anything new.

I spent an hour or so walking the aisles, just taking it all in. They were congested and busy. It was the busiest I've ever seen the vendors floor. I wasn't encumbered by my camera because I just wanted to observe.

I couldn't pick a theme. I couldn't identify anything new but people were buying up big.

My personal view is that this is a very successful event.

How did she do that – No 3.


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  1. Glenda Hepburn says:

    Morning Pam, it has been fun visiting Houston with you once again, I Loved Colour hits the out-back; having lived out there it made me smile. Congratulations it deserved to win. Is there any chance of seeing photo’s of your Rhino and Bayeux quilts. I’m sure everyone else is dying to see them too????? Take care Cheers Glenda

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