Capturing the day – Mexico day 1.

Airports, – I love them.

We got to visit a few yesterday. The views from the plane  were  spectacular  as we flew across the country and into Leon, Mexico.

Blue mist, huge mountains and ridges of translucent color

We passed over the mountains and swung down into a valley where the scenery changed dramatically, it was patchwork perfect.


It takes about an hour to get to San Miguel Allende, our driver was waiting for us as we came through customs… I had a few nervous moments as they checked out the case of quilts..

The attendant called her supervisor over… but I said I had just exhibited them and was taking them home, I was able to show him the ribbon. He smiled and said "Congratulation" take them back to the US.

"Of Course", I said. but the heart was fluttering.

As we drove into the outskirts of San Miguel Allende we came upon hundreds of horsemen. Our driver said they were going to ride the 60 miles to Guanajuato to celebrate a famous citizen.

Captain Ignácio Allende,  was the son of a wealthy Spanish nobleman. He distinguished himself in the military by his bravura as a daring horseman, and as a determined insurgent.
Every year a horse parade celebrates his birthday.
It was Allende who started the movement for independence.

I had to film through the window of the car and I was sorry I couldn't get out and and photograph properly, but the cameras were all packed and I only had my little point and shoot in my bag.

We arrived at our house. It was hard to take it all in but I can tell you it's mainly orange and green….It's just wonderful and a great change from a hotel room. I'll share vision with you later.

I was excited to show Keith the sites…. so we set off to buy groceries etc. The sun was low and the color of the buildings glowed in the fading light. I can't help but take photos of the door decorations.


I found one of the restaurants I'd dined at before and I had their signature dish… Chili en Nogoda, Roasted poblano chile stuffed with ground meat, nuts and fruit then napped with a creamy walnut sauce and garnished with pomegranate seeds. The red, white and green colors are meant to represent the Mexican flag. The restaurant is famous for it's lemon meringue pie too… so we just had to sample that as well. We'd shared a sandwich during the day and the thought of dinner was enticing.

The walk down the hill to our house took ages because I had to stop and take photos. I only had my little camera but it did a good job.



Shadows of the dancers on stage by the Jardin. Music filled the air and you just couldn't help but smile.


We had no internet last night. I figured it was a mechanical fault and it was rectified this morning.

I will add more photos of the Quilt show tomorrow.

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  1. Marjolijn says:

    I think a lot of new ideas for quilts! I love what I see on the photo’s: the food (yammie), the sky, the colors. Very inspiring.

  2. Robin says:

    This is the second time I have read your wonderful narratives on San Miquel. They have made me cry each time! My mother lived there for 5 years after she retorted. I loved visiting her and was always so stimulated by the creativity displayed there. She loved the people, the Instituto where she studied art and Spanish and her home. Have a fantastic visit and thank you for sharing.

  3. Thanks for the lists. There are a lot of these lists on different peoples blogs these days, most of they are just way out of date though – I look forward to delving deeper into this list and hopefully contributing to some quality blogs.

  4. Pam says:

    Thanks Robin…. we just love it here.

  5. Jane LaFazio says:

    simply stunning!! please, please what’s the name of the restaurant?? I’ve had Chili en Nogoda and know how delicious and special it is.
    wonderful post, and the house where you’re staying with studio sounds like heaven…

  6. Pam says:

    Jane the restaurant is El Pegaso Cnr corregidora and correo

  7. Thank you for your posts on San Miguel. I’m originally from Mexico and reside in Texas. I spent a whole summer in SM a few years ago and I miss it dearly. We ate many great meals at Bugambilias restaurant, I don’t know if still in business. Also at the library restaurant. Your photos are beautiful. Thanks again.

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