Today I'm sharing my photos on Texture and colors…

As I walked around today, I took photos with the express purpose of achieving texture in the images.


Now, just how can you create this image in fabric….?

I would begin by enlarging the photo to the size I require. Trace the image onto vellum with a black pigma pen.

I would exclude the side walls and concentrate on the wrought iron and the textured cactus fronds nailed to the wall.

The picture is divided into two sections…. the dark background to the wrought iron and the cactus leaves in the foreground.

For the black part I would possibly use a mottled black that looks a little more like shadow. I love black Maywood "shadow play" for images such as this.  The wrought iron needs to be really accurately drawn.  Lets look at a Mckenna Ryan fabric with a little self texture and then illustrate with a pigment ink pen… that way you get the dimension of the wrought iron and the rust…. I would use an autumn and a sand fabrico pigment ink pen….

The  rest would be a Hoffman, bali batik. In the top photo you can see the top of the dried cactus plants…. they are nailed to another piece of wood. You would need to add a piece of fabric that looks similar to that…. once again a bali fabric would be super.

There is shadow under the plank of wood holding the dried cactus plants… I would add that with pen. I would make all the leaves individually.

Begin with yellow, add green batik for the centre, light on the top. Brown batik on the bottom and a lighter brown for the curl of the leaf… I would then enhance with brown and black pigment ink pen and  the quilting adds extra texture.


These are not the only photos I would use, how about these.?


or these.


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  1. Marjolijn says:

    Really lovely photo’s and very inspiring!

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