Through the eyes of an Artist.

San Miguel Allende… a place I like to be.


A place in my heart.


I love this picture… I don't kow who the artist is… it was on a wall at a venue.

As an artist  there is something special to see around every corner. What does it mean to see the world through artist eyes? It means seeing things quite differently to your friends and family. It's funny… I've always looked at things in the same way. The light on a leaf, the contrast in colors. Filtered light etc…. I thought everyone looked at life that way, but it was on an 8 hour trip home from interstate that I realised how much some folks missed.



I was transfixed by the light and the scenery. When I mentioned it to a friend they just shook their head and said… "looks like any other day to me"


It means my brain never shuts off. It means I need to photograph everything I see and challenge the color combination and it also means that I need to put things down on paper and into fabric form and I touch everything… the fence, wood, brass…everything really.

As a Tutor, its an gift to be able to share with "y'all" (that's my new Arkansas language)

Then again… I've only just begun to consider that I am an artist. I sort of figured you need to study art to be able to call yourself one… I've never had a lesson in my life….BUT recently I've looked at work that is certainly quite artistic and made for profit…. I would call the person who creates those images  talented but maybe a little soul less….

Same with quilts really…. make something just to win a competition…. hmmmm !!!!!  I think art comes from the soul and an artist is born.

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  1. Dolores says:

    Well said. I like the portrait too.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Thank you for putting it into words….I’ve tried to explain to others before, but few folks look at the World as I do.

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