That’s my day.

36 hours of travel and we are finally in Dubai….it was a very long haul.

Now how can it be that as we are getting off the plane in Dubai…. a lady who was sitting in front of us suddenly bursts forth, "Oh, you're the quilter" !!!

So there you go, quilters are noted all over the world.

A canadian couple sort of snickered – you know,  "the universal quilter snicker" and she put them straight…"No, she's famous"

I've not picked up a camera in 3 days….it's 3.00 am and we've just eaten. The Internet is plugged into the phone and stretched precariously across the bed and I downloaded BBC programs in Heathrow to watch in bed….

That's my day folk.

4 Planes, 4 lots of security, 4 countries, immigration and drawing  a Zebra……!!!!  is that really the last letter?


Oh, and the guy in Dubai  had on pretty thick glasses, he asked me if I was Pamela Anderson?

What mysteries will we find tomorrow.

San Miguel to Dubai…. what a comparision.

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  1. Penny says:

    My laugh of the day. Thanks Pam

  2. You should have told him that yes, you were indeed THE Pamela Anderson. (and then waited for his reaction)

  3. At least he got the Pam right!
    And thankfully, I saved reading this until I had finished my lunch …. so I didn’t laugh with my mouth full!
    Judy B

  4. Sally says:

    Yup. Me, too! Sorry Pam to get such a laugh from your mistaken identity. I love those times when it’s just me….reading along on the computer….nobody else around…..and I burst out laughing loudly. Good for the soul. Thanks, Pam!

  5. Mary Ellen says:

    I love the zebra – can’t wait to see your alphabet book!
    We in New Mexico know who you are!

  6. Well I was the one sitting in front of Pam on the plane and as I stood up and saw her, I knew immediately who she was though in my jet lag fatigue I could not pull her name out of my brain, that happens a lot these days. Strange thing is…she was sitting behind me drawing during the flight and I was sitting in front of her doing applique! I had met Pam at one of our Dubai guild member’s homes when we all had lunch together during her last visit, neither of us could remember which quilter it was…again brain cramps, but I’m pretty sure now it was Janina Carter-Dick and on the day a bunch of us made the charity quilts for last year or the year before, again with the brain cramps.
    I think Pam and her husband may have won the who traveled the farthest discussion. We had had a whirlwind 12 days, Dubai to London to Atlanta to Philadelphia to Wilmington to Ocean Isle to Fairview…those last three are all North Carolina and back to Atlanta, London then Dubai.
    Pam you’re such a tiny little thing I did not even see you as I would get up to make trips to the Loo. Of course I don’t tend to focus on folks faces at all on the planes but once we met eyeball to eyeball, I knew immediately who you were. You were such a delight your last visit here, I sure hope you and your hubby enjoy this visit, you’re here at an absolutely perfect time of year.
    Oh yes, and did you realize we were on the maiden voyage of that brand new aircraft, a Boeing 777-300ER for British Air?

  7. Carole UK says:

    Pam, no wonder the zebra is on his knees. He must be exhausted. My eldest DD Zoe will be thrilled. The youngest, Alexandra has had her letter for ages. Hope the book goes to the printers soon. No pressure there then!

  8. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Pam Anderson, I thought tomatoes only affected your lips! I love the Zebra. Safe travels.

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