There is a cacophony of sound outside the hotel, it's just been announced that Qatar has won  the right to the FIFA world cup in 2022. The streets are absolutely buzzing. It's interesting looking down from our hotel room.

We've had a few curve balls thrown at us this past week.

We lost Mum and a cousin in the space of a few days. There are definite challenges  when you are so far from home. The logistics are overwhelming at times and unless you are on the proceeding end rather than the receiving end you can't begin to understand.


Tilly and Mum who is prouldy wearing her and made necklace made by Tilly.

I have such a short time from the end of my teaching schedule tomorrow to the funeral date… It's been a bit of a nightmare. I tried hard not to let my personal journey affect my teaching and classes have been just great… and in reflection the classes were a gift and a diversion from resignation and sadness.

Nevertheless. I will leave Dubai on Saturday morning, get home on Sunday afternoon and sleep in my own house for a night. Monday is the funeral and I fly out again in the late afternoon. Keith and I will continue on to Bangkok for a break.

I've got so much to share with you all about the Middle East and Quilting….

But after not much sleep last night and a busy day I'm going to succumb to an early night.


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  1. adamsme says:

    Pam, be kind to yourself. You will not be able to fully process or grieve these recent events until you have some quiet time to reflect. We are all thinking of you and I, for one, cannot fathom how you have been able to function this past week.

  2. Look after yourself Pammy. I know your Mum was sick for a long time but her death is one of those times in your life that you have to care for yourself.
    Love Carolyn

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