The things you see.!!!!

A dusty beige light is bathing the buildings outside my window here in Doha Qatar.

Besides a short walk in the Sauk by the hotel it's about all I will get to see of this interesting city. Keith has had the opportunity to venture further during the day.

Everything is calm now after a night of soccer celebrations.

We fly back to Dubai for a few hours tonight then early tomorrow I will be on my way back to OZ.

Its been an amazing experience and I will definitely be back for an extended tour in time.

The students have been wonderful and captured the techniques I've shared with them with fervour.



IMG_1880  Phil tried on shawls…

I'm constantly reminded of the lack of suitable quilting items here in the Middle East…. BUT.

What is this man doing outside the house while we are quilting.?

He arrived early in the morning with his workbench, an assistant and a pile of wood and set up in the dusty street outside.

They laboured all day, sanding, hammering and stacking….


They worked until dark…. we quilted and had fun inside…!!


And this is what they were making….!!! quilting tables to order. 15 of them….

"I want what she's got"……


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  1. That is exactly what I want. Did you get the plans?

  2. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    What a great design… a folding table. What are the embroideries in the 3rd picture? Fabric or garments. They are beautiful. I’m surprised Carolyn didn’t comment on them. Will Miss Tilly end up with one of the bracelets?

  3. Pam says:

    Wendy, the embroideries are for sale in this Indian shop…. they are ridiculously priced and I’m going to purchase some eventually….
    Yep, Miss Tilly got her bracelets….

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