Off again

I have seen the most amazing things today.

A baby carried in it's Mothers arms, and 3 other small children just walked past me with heavy eyeliner.. their beautiful black eyes intensified by the out line. I can’t even put my own on, how does a Mother have the time to do that to her 4 children…?

We got caught  for over an hour in a procession of soccer fans on our way to the airport…. it seemed all of Doha was on the roads… but the most precarious was a young man standing on the door of his sports car driving with his right foot.

People were dancing on top of their four wheel drive vehicles.  Small children sat precariously on the roof of the car draped in flags . One sudden movement and they would have toppled off…. Such is the hysteria at winning the 2022 Fifa World Cup.

There was  a huge line of men at the round about in the middle of the road bowing in prayer. Their pose perfectly timed as if someone was pulling a string.
Mounted police in white stallions…

Class was great in Doha….great students.



The photos above are wonderful men's hats from Kuwait…. I purchased 3 to take home….

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