It's soooooo nice to be back in my shed, (even if it is just for a day)

24,000 kms in two days is a LOT of travel.

Working on my Houston Proposals and I have an extension of time to get them in, so I will do the sketches while I'm on the road…..I will propose 4 very new classes.

It's Mum funeral today and I don't feel sad. I look at it as  a celebration of her life. Like all of us who work with our hands creating, Mum leaves behind an immense body of work that will live on forever.

Every piece she worked…has part of her spirit within the piece.




For Mum …..

We are a family of Artists and I think its primarily because of Mum and Dads passion for creating something extraordinary.

Extraordinarily  talented they both were.

Just a few months ago on one of her day trips out, we had lunch at the local coffee shop. I thought Mum was looking a little tired and said maybe we should go back….
"No, said Mum, I need to go to your shed"  The shed is my studio and Mum loved being in there. She produced a bunch of ghastly pink roses… (a small bunch) out of her bag.
"They put these on the dining room table" she said…. "I can't bear them" So with my pens she deftly set about painting them and in 5 minutes or so, she put them down with a satisfied look on her face.
"Now they're peace roses" she had transformed them with a few brushes of the pen.

Mum had a wicked sense of humour and shared it with us all, from her red walking frame with the ferrari sticker on the front to her little blue Honda Jazz she called Rhonda.
"I've been reading the manual" she said on the phone one day…. "they tell you how to fit your surf board in the back but not one word describing how to fit your walking frame in"
Who else would be on a baruch waiting to go to surgery with her Apple computer called "Granny Smith" propped on her finishing off her emails. !!!!!

We have a tradition amongst the grandchildren… I don't know who in their right mind thought it up….
When you drive through the tunnel on the freeway you have to hold your hands high in the air.. like a roller coaster…
Of course Tilly and Kodi insisted Mum do this too and she did it faithfully every time we went up and down the freeway…. last time Kodi was in the car Mum noticed he wasn't following the rule….
"Oh, Nanny. I'm far too old for that"

Mum, rest in peace. I can see you and Dad sitting in the sunshine together now, cuppa in hand and Dad with his favorite bikkies and Mum with her cheese and pate….. they sure had class.

I'm buying a new camera…. in fact… it's one of the best on the market.

I'm going to call it Shirl's  Pearl. Mum loved photography… now she will see the world through her namesake… Shirl's Pearl

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  1. Suzanne says:

    What a wonderful post for your Mom. Glad you are celebrating with your memories about her. She’s probably so happy to be with your Dad again. Thanks for sharing your family creativity with us!

  2. Raewyn says:

    A beautiful post, Pam, and a lovely tribute to your mum. I hope your day goes well.

  3. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Thank you for sharing another beautiful piece of your Mum’s art work and your memories of her. My thoughts will be with you and your family.

  4. peggy says:

    Pam everyday spent with your Mum should be a celebration. And thank you for sharing your memories of her with us. We love ya, peg

  5. A moving tribute to a Feisty lady!It is a blessing to come from a family where Making Things is the “norm”.I have heard about your “shed”. A true Magic Cave!!
    A sad time, but you have so many delightful memories.

  6. Lynn Spillane says:

    God Bless your Mum!!! If I ever need a walker I am going to paint it red and find that Ferrari sticker and if my honey needs one first
    (he being 75 now and I’m close behind)I will loan it to him first as that is one on his favorite cars. That would be so very cool!!!
    When we go….that’s what I want my family to have…a celebration, we have lived a wonderful life. God Bless you too Pam, you maan so much to so many. Much love, lynn

  7. maree says:

    A Lovely Post Pam and I Agree it is a Time to Celebrate and I’m sure your Mum wouldn’t have had it any other way….
    Hope the day goes well for You & Your Family.

  8. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    My thoughts are also with Keith since he wasn’t able to travel home with you.

  9. Candy says:

    I just think how special that Keith was together with you on this particular trip and what
    that has meant. Mum’s know everything! Take care.

  10. adamsme says:

    My father had one of those “walking frames” as you call them (here in the US they are simply “walkers”) and we called it his blue Cadillac, after the cars he owned for many years. Pam, have no regrets. You mother had a life well lived and she was obviously well loved. She lived to a ripe age. Many people don’t get to have the benefit of a beloved parent for as long as we both have (my father died at 93). I feel fortunate to have had Dad for so long. I miss him, but he had a good ride, as did your Mum.

  11. Susan S says:

    Pam—-I am amazed how you can keep your sense of humor at this time. Your Mom sounds like she was one at a time. She lived a wonderful life and it sounds as though she did not suffer.

  12. Pam says:

    Susan…. You know…. Humor is very much part of our way of life.

  13. Pam says:

    I wonder how I could quilt one of those frames….?
    Thanks everyone for your wonderful messages.

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