Back again

Less than 24 hours from leaving Adelaide and I'm back in Dubai.

I had two great flights and slept almost all the way.

"don't you just hate those people who have 3 seats to themselves and dcan lie down" said a lady while we waited for the loo on the plane…

Hmmmm I was one of those she disliked, but I wasn't about to disclose that fact to her.

I had a 4 hour flight to Perth and slept most of the way…

Leaving home again


I Love our airport… and the storms were coming in over the hills where we live


I'm sure I saw an Angel

Was it because I was tired, or did I encounter the crumbiest people in the Perth airport.

I'm sorry you folk from Perth, the Govt needs to lift it's game…

When I got off the plane it took me ages to find out where the Intenational Terminal was… I finally had to ask the guy behind the candy counter.

"The shuttle to the other airport is $8"…. I couldn't beleive it. I have never had to pay to go from one terminal to another…..anywhere in the world.

So I had to sit and fume…. and drew…..



I went to get something to eat…. the attitude of the folk behind the counter really was embarrasing, I take ownership as an Aussie… but I can imagine what a visitor might feel at their rude attitude…

I was crabby.

OK, that off my chest… we've packed to leave Dubai tonight for Bangkok… so I'm off to do the shopping I missed by going home.

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  1. It was good that you could sleep on the plane! Your head must be spinning from all the travel, and emotional events in your life in recent times.

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