This is one of the places we visited today.

It's not my video, but I have taken footage and will put it into a production when I get home.

For some bizarre reason a market has been built right, smack on top of a railway line.

8 times a day, like the parting of the red sea the train slowly grinds its way through the busy market. Awnings fold back in unison like a well performed play and then fold back in Mexican wave style down the channel of the train line.

It all happened so quickly.



Capturing the day gallery

It was just amazing, we took a highly decorated fast boat out into the ocean, mangroves rose on the left of us and as far as the eye could see were a myriad of small houses on stilts.


After 10 minutes or so, we turned into a channel through the mangroves. It was cool and eerily quiet. The boat gradually got slower and slower and our driver let out a low call.

Suddenly the banks seemed to move, but on closer inspection we noticed hoards of very skinny monkeys coming down to the banks.



They jumped through the branches and almost onto the boat and we were instructed to throw out the bananas… One huge old monkey jumped on the boat and took a hand of bananas in his hand and immediately jumped back into the water to the consternation of the driver and guide.

There were hundreds of them fighting and squabbling for the bananas. Gangs to the left of us, gangs to the right….

It took about half an hour to distribute the food and we left reluctantly to go to our own lunch.

I thought we were going to a restaurant, to my delight, it was a little unusual, it turned out to be one of the houses out in the ocean. Made entirely of bamboo, the ocean could be seen beneath us through the wide slats. It was cool, and incredibly quiet and the meal was amazing.


The rest of the day was spent visiting the fisherman and then the long ride home….I fell asleep on the way back to the hotel… the past few days of travel finally caught up with me.

It's now quite late. There has been a red shirt rally building momentum just blocks from the hotel.

It's suddenly gone quiet, one hopes that they have gone home and will stay home for the holiday tomorrow.


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  1. Sharon Davis says:

    Pam, I follow your blog daily. After working all day, I come home and sit in my husband’s recliner, pickup my laptop and refresh my screen to see the beauty that you have to share each day. Thank you for sharing your travels and color. Of all the classes that I have taken I enjoyed yours and learned to trust my talents. Thanks again for sharing. What camera did you buy, I am in the market for a new one.

  2. Nola says:

    What a fabulous day you had. The monkeys, the lunch at the restuarant on stilts. Thank you for sharing it with us ,The market along the trainline is amazing. People are so resilient.
    I’m not surprised you slept on the way back. You have had a lot happening during the last few weeks. Much love to you and Keith

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