Just one of those days….

I have absolutely nothing quilt oriented to talk about today… but then again….

How about this….


or this.


What on earth is it?

Its actually a huge temple, Wat Arun.

The prangs are decorated by seashells and bits of porcelain which were used as ballast by boats coming to Bangkok from China.

I have seen the temple several times before, but not in detail… I found it very interesting in design.

Hush my mouth, but it is rather "shabby chic" I just love the "collage" look.

We purchased a day ticket on the river for around $5.00. A delicious lunch with the locals cost us $1.50 including coffee…!!! but there is a down side, as  I look in the mirror this evening….my face is like a red beacon… it doesn't feel burnt, but it obviously is…

I got the most amazing photos…. "Shirl's Pearl" was in fine form today.

Breakfast for Keith


Our first stop was the reclining buddha at Wat Pho.

The highly impressive gold plated reclining Buddha is 46 meters long and 15 meters high, and is designed to illustrate the passing of the Buddha into nirvana. The feet and the eyes are engraved with mother-of-pearl decoration, and the feet also show the 108 auspicious characteristics of the true Buddha.

We've been here many times before, but this is the first time I've been able to achieve the photos I aim for.


I took hundreds of photos, and the heat and sun were oppressive, I just didn't want to miss anything.

We ended up in a crowd with thousands of Thais at a long boat race. They were chanting and singing and willing their team to win. We were the only foreign faces in the crowd… it was amazing…


There was so much more to the day, riding in taxi's boats, tuk tuks and observing life in the backstreets not the touristy spots.





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  1. The photos are terrific. (It’s not just the camera either!)

  2. Lynn Spillane says:

    YOu have an amazing “eye”…….the pictures are fantastic. VERY sharp. If you have a little downtime (is that possible?) you might enjoy looking at our Camera Club’s competition this month. We have 500 members and about half are professionals (I am only a novice…but trying to learn) the link is http://www.orlandocameraclub.com
    There are some wonderful photographs among them.

  3. Suzanne says:

    I enjoy your photos very much! I like the long boat races too. We use to watch them when we lived in Western Samoa.

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