Life has been rather hectic.

Mr Kaiden and his Mum Callie are still in hospital, just to get his small amount of jaundice under control.

Don't you love his cool sunnies and he's only two days old.

There was a panic to get the family cradle out of the cellar, launder everything and buy a new mattress….

All done. I have 4 huge cases to unpack and I wash everything and re-iron it… it takes ages but you know what it's like when the clothes have been in the bag for 8 weeks.!!!!

Work wise… I have some new work done, I should be able to share it with you tomorrow…

I'm doing a few special things next year. The first is a new class for my guild and it's a surprise… but I do have to show it to them soon. !!!!

2011 Houston proposals are in and I have some work to send to those of you who need extra alphabet letters…. Now I have to put each letter onto fabric.

The book is done, the patterns are done and it will be all soon be finished…..!!!!

I still have emails to answer, but it's Christmas so I'm a bit slow….. We have a traditional Christmas and I've only got as far as the puddings, the cakes and the brandy custard….

The meat and seafood are the male domain.!!!!!! but they sure need some prompting.

Miss Savannah, was giving us an impromptu concert on the piano this morning when I snapped her…



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  1. Chris John says:

    You have the cutest grandies. The littlest one looks like he will be another heart melter. His sunnies are too cool.
    Pam have a wonderful Christmas with your family. I’m sure the spirit of your mum will be there watching over you all, especially little Kaiden.

  2. maree says:

    Little Kaiden reminds me of my First Born..He was in the Crib for 2 days..I was Devastated being all New and All…now he is a Robust Married 28yr
    Savannah has the Most Gorgeous Hair…and a Real Talent too…must Run in the Family..
    Have a Lovely Xmas Pam with Your Family and All the Very Best for 2011..

  3. Suzanne says:

    What beautiful grandchildren..I love the babies little pouty lips. Busy, busy busy….

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