One thing leads to another, – embroidery.

Many of you know that my Mum passed away a few weeks ago…. ever the artist. she looked at the thread painting I do on the machine…..

"That's Cheating" she would say…. and yes, I guess I agree with her if I compare my work to hers….!!!

This is a piece she finished not too long ago, it's single thread embroidery.


I've already placed this small piece in my casual dining room….

Today I got this picture out. It's quite large. I bought it in Haiti a few years ago, and it goes well with Mums embroidery. A visit to the local framer has given me some ideas to add texture to this framed painting and it will go well with the embroidery… in fact the room needs a re-vamp and I will work around this little piece.

Then a few Mexican dishes….!!!! wooow…. delicious



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  1. Love those vibrant Mexican colours.
    Exciting project coming up!All those elements will work wonderfully together.Gorgeous!!

  2. Pam says:

    Bit of a mixture, Indian, Mexican and Haitian….!!!

  3. ann in freezing UK says:

    looking at all those wonderful colours on this dull, freezing cold day makes me feel happier, thinking of the sun.

  4. Pam says:

    It’s not quite as warm as I would like it this morning… but the day will be super as it progresses… so we are thinking of you all in the snow.

  5. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    What a vibrant mix, just like your lovely family. Your mother’s embroidery is wonderful. I love how she blended the colors to create dimension.

  6. I m just thinking,how experienced is your mom..Your mother is a great artist…Lovely combination of colors…

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