Illustrating fabric and an absolute bargain…

I have 6 more buildings to finish and the job is done…

Someone asked me how I was going to quilt this quilt… well, I'm not…. this is for someone else's quilt. BUT the way I would quilt is with smoke mono filament on the top and grey Superior Masterpiece thread in the bobbin.

Of course you all know I use the finest needle available…. 60/8 sharp… and I would quilt as if I was drawing on the main pen lines….  I leave the feed dogs up and quilt… of course  I have  a fabulous machine, AND, I get a new one tomorrow that will do more amazing things…. Thanks Mr Janome.

When I deliver this quilt, there will be a note on how to quilt it….

The quilt below is quilted in that way…..


I begin with a basic outline….. then fill in the detail.



I went to Ikea today to buy some packaging and I got one heck of a bargain… Ragna fabric,

56% cotton, 44% linen. It is narrow and hemmed top and bottom….. I've always loved it… but it was $1 Metre today, so I collected all the white I could…

I have a specific project in mind… (my next one) actually….. the fabric is just perfect.

Another person asked if I could have the drawings printed on fabric…. what a good idea.

I'll check it out.


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  1. Liz Renner says:

    I’ll bet you’ve heard about Print your own fabric? I’ll buy your work any time. I’m drooling over this piece. Oh Pam, it would be so amazing to be able to get your work!

  2. What sewing machine are you getting? I am trying to save for a new one, and I will get there one day 🙂

  3. Pam says:

    Jane, I have the 6600 Janome, and now I have the new 7700, the new Horizon… it’s absolutely fabulous… I will be reviewing it in the next week or so.

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