Finished the illustrations.



I've finished the illustrations for this quilt, now I can post it off…. whoopee.


I'll explain again these are illustrations I found in my Mothers sketch book… she did them in 1994.

I think she might have copied some of them…. (from photos or other illustrations…) but no doubt she added her own shading etc…. just as I have done….

So I've scanned mine and they will be collated for my files….

Now I start on the next project and now I have the new machine, I can actually do two projects at once…. leave one project on the first machine and then work on the other rather than have to change threads etc….

I will write more about the machine tomorrow….

I'm going to do some drawings and then unlike these illustrations I will then quilt the drawings on the fabric I bought from Ikea the other day.

In the mean time, I can do a bit on the aggy quilt…..


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