Year: 2010

Next stage of the quilt.

I had a busy day yesterday catching up on business and emails. Sometimes I procrastinate too long. It's easy to do that when you're on the road… you sort of have an excuse, but then I have to face the backlog. So if you are one of those students that have waited a few weeks for an email, sorry. But I've done it now. I finished the Christmas shopping as well yesterday. I hate those supermarkets with frosty the snowman jingling in the background. For the past 8 weeks I've favored the arm I broke last year and let Keith lift the cases…. then I had to lug a darn big turkey up the stairs… it was a mammoth achievement. OK, to the quilt. I've finished the immediate background quilting, I'm really happy with it and I added applique from the spare fabric. It softens the base of the picture… I will quilt and applique it with smoke mono filament thread, I don't want the border quilting to take away from the main image of …

One thing leads to another, – embroidery.

Many of you know that my Mum passed away a few weeks ago…. ever the artist. she looked at the thread painting I do on the machine….. "That's Cheating" she would say…. and yes, I guess I agree with her if I compare my work to hers….!!! This is a piece she finished not too long ago, it's single thread embroidery. I've already placed this small piece in my casual dining room…. Today I got this picture out. It's quite large. I bought it in Haiti a few years ago, and it goes well with Mums embroidery. A visit to the local framer has given me some ideas to add texture to this framed painting and it will go well with the embroidery… in fact the room needs a re-vamp and I will work around this little piece. Then a few Mexican dishes….!!!! wooow…. delicious    


I've had lots of visitors today, so the work has been spasmodic.  I finished the thread illustration on the flower and you will note that I've taken it out of the background…(the top petal and the stem) it gives a 3 dimensional effect. Now I'm quilting the background following my computer manipulation guides. The watermarks will be left with no quilting in them       (I think) I will cut some of the leaves from the final background fabric and soften the edges of the piece by appliqueing them over the picture. I think I will make 2 free standing aggy leaves which will cross on the right hand side of the quilt. Its a bit hard to explain… but just keep watching.

Back working.

I have  classical Christmas playing quite loudly in the shed and for the first time in a while I have the joy of working creatively with the sewing machine. I'm experimenting. It's exciting because on one hand I know what I'm going to do, and yet, the option is always open to audition and change. I've used about 8 different colored threads so far. I'm quite happy with the results so far. Its a nice end to a frustrating day…. I spent 3 hours working out a problem with my calendar on the computer…. EEEEK I can't live without my calendar…. it has to sync with all of my appliances and I just had to work through every situation…. But I did it…!!!!

Designing quilts from photos

I took this photo today. It's not too fancy, not real interesting, it's plain…but it would make a great quilt. I took this photo as well. It's interesting, I like the shapes…. pretty much this is where this quilt came from last year when I took a similar photo. Photos are great for inspiration. But what am I going to do with the photo…? I decided to use the single image photo and I have manipulated it in several genres to prepare it for thread painting. Nup…. I'm not going to show you how I've done the manipulation… but I will show you the finished quilt…..!!! Maybe tomorrow.

Amazing Indian quilts.

The Genres of quilt making are numerous. Most of you who read this blog are quilters and are aware of the huge variety of artistic expression there is in quilting. For many years I've noticed beautiful niave quilts for sale in exclusive shops… Victoria and Albert Museum shop for one. I've been looking for information on this form of quilting. I came across the books below… and I would love to purchase them when they are printed… there are 3 volumes. The Timeless Quilts of India   Read more about the field work  -  research for these 3 books. by Patrick J. Finn. But the quilts I've been looking for are Kantha quilts. Women in West Bengal save fabric from their favorite saris and stitch it together with colorful thread It's a reversible quilt of the finest cotton. I just loved the colors and I discovered that they are made from old cotton saris and quilted softly and plainly. There is a wonderful exhibition of Kantha quilts right now in the Museum of Philadelphia. Kantha …

Life has been rather hectic. Mr Kaiden and his Mum Callie are still in hospital, just to get his small amount of jaundice under control. Don't you love his cool sunnies and he's only two days old. There was a panic to get the family cradle out of the cellar, launder everything and buy a new mattress…. All done. I have 4 huge cases to unpack and I wash everything and re-iron it… it takes ages but you know what it's like when the clothes have been in the bag for 8 weeks.!!!! Work wise… I have some new work done, I should be able to share it with you tomorrow… I'm doing a few special things next year. The first is a new class for my guild and it's a surprise… but I do have to show it to them soon. !!!! 2011 Houston proposals are in and I have some work to send to those of you who need extra alphabet letters…. Now I have to put each letter onto fabric. The book …