Illustration with the machine.


No it's not a computerised image…. it's freehand drawn with the sewing machine.

How do I do it….. Shhhh my secret. for the time being.

One of the things I love in being a teacher is the thrill of working out how to create something and then…. share it with students.I come out here into the shed… and work through the process…

This is the 4th prototype, or audition you could say.

I had a friend visiting today and we talked about how much we loved teaching… she has a wealth of knowledge and is a great teacher, I just sort of fell into the job but I love it equally.

Can you imagine how proud I felt when I saw 5 of my students works hanging in Houston….

This little quilt is part of that… "How do we get from here to there"

Now in saying that… those students took part of what I taught them and went even further, well, much further……. It's a bit like My Motto, "Taking quilting one step further"

For this part of the project, I used the Janome Convertible Free Motion foot.  The image is taken from one of my illustrations I did some time ago…. and it originates from a photo I took of ladies photographing the sunset in Darwin. (top of Australia)

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  1. Sally says:

    I just signed up for your Illustrative Quilting class in Cincinnati this April. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I get a spot as I would love to learn from you and expand my knowledge. Is this an example of the kind of thing that you will be doing in the class?

  2. Nice illustrations) thanks for sharing with the good work)

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