The hat lady.

I've decided to add illustrations to most of my projects…… I think I can get a better feel for the image rathe than just stitching it.

This lady was selling hats and bags on the beach in the Bahamas and I whipped out the camera and took the photo….



Now to quilt it…. I'm not sure just what format I'm going to use.

I could make a huge applique lady….

Like this one…











This lady is 3 ft 6" high.

You know when we began making this quilt I really thought that these images were almost life size… by the time we finished quilting them they turned out to be 3ft 6" it was a bit of a shock really….

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  1. Awesome work once again…Like other posts i read in your blog,this one is also a fabulous one and i like the way you make a portrait of that lady selling hats and bags on the Bahamas beach…Keep going mam…Now i am curious to see your next post…

  2. Pam says:

    Thanks a million…. I’ve enjoyed this experience….

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