Preparing the fabric.



I purchased 5 yards of cheese cloth…. $1.99 metre.

I cut strips…. 6" wide and dyed them with pigment ink.  I used all purpose inks by Tsukineko.

Even though I had a pinny on I managed to color my orange T-shirt.

I splattered the ink all over my shoes and had to wash them too. Oh, and the nail varnish didn't fare too well either.

The colors are delicious and I had a wonderful time photographing them. The strips hung like sentries on the line.




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  1. Lynn Spillane says:

    Now I’m “dying” to see how you use this. Beautiful color

  2. Liz Renner says:

    Pam, the colors are making my mouth water. Any tips on how you dyed the fabric? Just the normal thing of dunking in a small bowl w/water? Do you set it with heat? I’ve used the inks since taking your class, but I do need your expert advice. Thanks.

  3. Pam says:

    Liz…no it’s not hard really… I didn’t need to set the ink it’s permanent.. it was a little lighter when it dried though.
    email me with your query about the inks….

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