Where to now.?


I felt I needed to create more samples of quilt illustration. So I finally went with that idea….

I dyed a piece of shadowplay fabric by Maywood (one of my favorite fabrics to use) I just used pigment ink on a brush and created movement with a darker blue. I didn't wet the fabric first because I wanted the color to stand out rather than blend.

The quilting is done with the combination freemotion foot on the Janome Horizon and I've used Superior 50 weight masterpiece cotton, top and in the bobbin.

The last fabric I sewed on in this manner was linen…. it worked OK, but I like the firmness of this fabric  to keep the stiches tight.

One of my ideas was to add a strip of bright colored bags down the side of the quilt… but somehow I thought that was just a little predictable.

I want to move from "predictable to "possibilities"

I had a great suggestion from Gail as a comment on face book, "Tell the story"

I'm a journaler… I already have the comment written in my blog so I think I will add that to another piece of fabric. Create it like a  note and applique it to the quilt… (I think)

BUT, I want stream of color through the quilt, I want to create movement with those liquid lines, so I need to figure that out too.

Bright heavy fabric with the filminess of this quilting may be too much…. how about I dye some cheesecloth and add texture and color at the some time without the intensity.?

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