A quilt Artist Journey in France.


Join me on a  Quilters tour of France…. I can guarantee you will have a wonderful time…

All the things I share on line will be actually "experienced" as we tour.

I will instruct you:-

on how to take photos to put into your quilts…

How to look at things just a little differently…

Where Will you buy vintage French Fabric?

Visit the Bayeux Tapestry….lets talk about the history and explore the amazing old city of Bayeux.

We'll visit Monet's Garden, design quilts and make some sketches.

Versailles…. how amazing, sensory overload…

and then the Louvre… Paris….. OOh, La, La



A Quilt Artist Journey in France.


"The time has come the Walrus said…."


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  1. Sharon says:

    If only the timing were right. As a teacher, my semester is not over until Mid-May. šŸ™

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