Floods in Queensland Australia


This You tube video was taken yesterday in the city of Toowoomba, which is located high in the hills some 100 kms from the city of Brisbane.  Workers filmed from their office  window as the wall of water began to speed through their town… it's incredible. The water built up to a 21ft high waves.

As it flew down the mountain two entire towns were washed away. Houses were picked up and some were found 20 kms from their foundations.

People scrambled to safety and 100's were rescued by helicopter from the rooves of their houses.

There's a chilling aspect that things are getting worse in the floods in Queensland.

Covering almost 1/4 of our country the floods are devastating. They reach the capital city of Brisbane in about 4 hours time. The city has been evacuated and the power turned off.

I find it hard to concentrate on the day to day things right now.

We here in the South watch in horror as hundreds of thousands of people the same as us are loosing their livelihood and possessions.

The real life drama is playing out right before our eyes.

All we can do is hope and pray that no more lives will be lost.

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  1. Sally says:

    The flooding news is both horrifying and riveting. I feel for all who have lost their homes and livelihoods and, much worse, have lost relatives and friends. It’s terrible to be at the mercy of weather and natural disaster. We hope the rains stop soon so that the water can recede. And then there is the all the work of clean up that can go on for years. Our hearts go out to all those in the flood ravaged areas….

  2. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with Australia. Even seeing the video and news, it is incomprehensible how large a region and how many people have been affected.

  3. Pam says:

    Wendy it is terrible, we have the TV’s on in every room… that’s all that is on all over Australia right now….
    A plea has gone out from the QLD quilt group….There are many quilters that have been affected particularly in Toowoomba.. so we will organize some quilts to be sent.
    The water is rising rapidly in the city of Brisbane…. it will rise 21 feet above the river level by 4.00 am tomorrow….My friends are safe so far….

  4. FrancesB says:


  5. Beth says:

    Pam, I taught in Toowoomba for Pauline many years ago. It was a charming, delightful place. I am so sorry for all who are touched by this awful disaster.

  6. Floods in Queensland Australia are one of the disastrous activity of the nature…Yeah its true that now the situations are out of control..Its terrible to see the video from Youtube..Plz God stop this..

  7. Pam says:

    Beth the old shop has gone completely… it was right next to the river… but her new show is safe.

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