This morning as I get breakfast, it's a most delightful summers day here.


Ralfy catching the morning sun

We live in a rural area and as I stand making my coffee. I look into the treetops that surround us.  Parrots bright green, blue and red, sit at eye level a few feet from me enjoying the morning ambiance.


But not so in most of Australia, the clean up from the floods begin, as I write  1000's of people are lining up in the streets  at help stations to register to assist with the clean up.

Their compulsory kit at hand, rubber boots, bleach, fresh distilled water to drink, mosquito repellent and rubber gloves.

It's Saturday and those not affected are helping those who are.

Here in South Australia, we add monetary assistance and constructive manpower due to the huge distance from here to there.

But it's not ended yet. The water has continued down through our country like a brown ribbon of sorrow.



Australia is the same size as the USA. Imagine water flowing from Minnesota to Houston and covering over half the country… last night and this morning it has flooded 29 towns in Victoria, the most Southern State of the mainland. 1000's have been evacuated and the towns and cities devastated.  The Island of Tasmania, my home state is in the same situation, flooding, raining and rain soaked sadness.

But we can't dwell on it…. everyone is just getting on doing what has to be done… and beginning again.

My desk top computer crashed yesterday… I admit I was in a state of numbness yesterday, but I think most of the data has been saved and my worries are nothing compared to the description of the above.

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  1. Linda Jacks says:

    Pam, I really appreciate the film you’ve included in what’s going on in Australia. They’re such well-done reporting and your comparison of the waters going from Minnesota to Houston is a quite a visual aid.

  2. Pam says:

    Linda, it’s hard to explain. There is wonderful footage and images and I will continue to add a little each day for a while.

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