Good stuff.

 This morning I made preparations for filming and photographing tomorrow… we have the "Tour Down Under" bike race going through our town…. not once folk, but three times…. the whole town turns out. The pub is full and people watch from the balcony, eat good hills food and drink fabulous hils wine.

Actually I gave myself an injury… I was so busy composing a photo in my mind, that I walked under a sign and scraped my scalp….!!!


I'm trying to relax – but there are so many things to do.

For the first time in my life, this afternoon I threw may hands in the air and sat down on the chair to watch TV. NO MORE WORK for 12 hours .

But that didn't last for long.

I was suddenly thrust into making plans to travel. I'm attending the IQSC Symposium in Nebraska.

Forget the break…..!

But right now I'm working on a quilt that is a representation of travel. Not scenic things.



Graffiti, skateboarders… and things a little out of my league.

I'm really out of my comfort zone.
I have some 35 drawings to do… and then I will draw them with thread on the quilt.

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  1. Lynn Spillane says:

    Love the video slide show…..I have to learn how to do this! Yet another challenge from Pam (big smile here) and I love the music!

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