Thinking a project through.

This is my creativity motto for today.

Do you ever have a problem  with continuity of a project?

I do at times.

I can't shut the door and isolate myself.
I still have to shop, clean, do business, feed the family and do all manner of Motherly things.

But, when I start a project, I like to work through to the end…  interruptions cause stutters in my work….  my head needs to be in the right place.

So after rushing about doing the "Other things" this morning I sat down to work and I just couldn't get started.

I really had to push myself this afternoon…. but I'm sure I will get up in the morning with renewed vigor.

This is what I've achieved so far. It's a little out of perspective because this image is about 3/4 of the quilt.

I've begun with graduated grey fabric. Light in the middle and graduating darker to the top and bottom.



The bright colored graffiti images are printed onto artist canvas A4 size and will be quilted onto the quilt.

The wording will be appliqued and then there are 3 portraits on the right hand side of the quilt and the Illustrative quilting with be the black thread ghost images of the skaters.

The blue line, was actually the edge of the skate park…. I like it. I think I'll add it with ink rather than fabric.

So that's as far as I've got…



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