Film, Video and Quilting.

Shirl's Pearl is my new camera…

A Canon 5D Mark II. I've had it two months and still learning a lot about it. It's a whole new language.

On this amazing camera, you can shoot High Definition Video and I only just went through the motion of shooting a film on it today.

So here it is…. 45 seconds of my shed (my studio). In actual fact it looks more like still photos…because other than Ralf everything is inanimate. Then if you look at Ralf's tummy… you can see him breathe.

This is a new step for me…. I have dabbled a little in documentary making, but I'm taking it a step further in a month or so by learning the technical things.

Ever since I can remember, I've wanted to make documentaries… My son beat me to it.!!!

Now is the time. We have the BAFF film festival here next month and I'm rearing to go. I have to view 10 top international documentaries in 5 days.!!!

Now just what do documentaries have to do with Quilting. I want to capture everything about quilting.

I will concentrate on the "ordinary" quilter with "extraordinary" stories to tell.

I go to far flung countries…  Now I have an easier camer to capture it all on.. Stills and videos..

I will also be producing videos of my techniques and selling them online and in class.


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