Month: February 2011

To piece or pierce that is the Question.

It's late evening and time to retire… I've just arrived home from viewing another film at the film festival.. I had a frustrating day today…. I was piecing. It was so annoying…. I don't like piecing…Its not my favorite way of creating a quilt. I began early this morning and it really gave me a huge headache. I'm not piecing  my own quilt but  it's for someone else….. eeek, shudder….. I had to stop at 12.00 and go in for a triple shot  of coffee. I mean I really felt I could get stuck into the hard stuff  to get me through. 2.30 came around, I was still in my pyjamas… (but you can't tell) I had to be in another place at 3.00 and with heart pounding and a great deal of exasperation I showered and dressed and sped down the freeway still smarting about the days work. Now in saying that…. I actually pieced 180 of the blocks above for a special quilt… I called them the "Elies Block" it's really two blocks …


My feet have barely hit the ground this weekend. A bit like these guys…. this is one of the illustrations I'm working on for the Bayeux book. The film festival is taking a lot of my time. Each documentary I've viewed has left me extremely reflective. After a hectic day and a birthday party for a 7 year old Keith and I attended the Documentary. Precious LifeSHLOMI ELDAR | ISRAEL, USA | 90 MINSShlomi Eldar restores your faith in what journalism can be. He unashamedly uses his influence to highlight the case of a Palestinian baby in need of a bone marrow transplant to save his life. We were able to chat with the maker of the film through skype on the Movie screen. This film won  the equivalent to an Oscar in Israel…. and will be shown on HBO in USA in a few months. It's compelling viewing.    

Do you Doco?

Documenting. As many of you know I document everything. I'm not real sure why I do it…. I don't delve too deep into the Psyche – its something I'm complelled to do. I guess making 'documemories' is the next step. My first video camera was a huge clunker and I carried it every where. The battery pack weighted a ton and I slung it on my shoulder. The film was recorded on full size VHS and I have a life time of tapes stashed in a drawer. However, they don't have a permanent shelf life so during my time home I've been creating DVD's of the VHS film. The family are embracing these new found images. I was able to share a small 6 year old boys' nervousness as he left the orphanage in Thailand, he was unaware of how his life would change. Now I can share it with him. He had no language and was the size of the average Aussie 3 year old. Next week he turns 26 his partner and I relived …

Time in the shed

I've  been 'flat chat' for days now and little time to do the blog. BUT, I had a day with Tilly yesterday and she has decided to try her hand at sewing with a real needle. I just couldn't help but document it. I put dots in pen either side of the fabric and she followed them (sort of)   We had a successful class on the weekend. My students were enthusiastic and  worked through the project. Every person completed a quilt that was meaningful to their special memories. It was this technique. Now just what did they learn  in this class? First and foremost, how to prepare the image you will be creating.Good preparation, good quality products, good results.How to transfer the image for thread illustration.How to quilt it.Look for the story in the background.Think of images that can be quilted to create the ambiance.   Then I had a day off and visited with friends…..  

What’s happening to the world?

What's happening to our world?     As I write, the Country of New Zealand is in shock and disbelief. This afternoon a 6.3 magnitude earthquake ripped through the city of Christchurch, 100's of people are missing, over 60 people are confirmed dead. The city has been evacuated and there are terrible scenes being broadcast through the media. The quake hit in the middle of the day when streets and buildings were full of people. We are just stopped in our tracks as we watch the drama unfold. Still coming to terms with the earthquake that rolled through in September 2011 the area has once again been subject to sheer devastation. We feel so helpless.    

Finished the quilt.

Disaster stuck in the form of flooding last night…. the excessive rain took out the power in the shed….I had no internet, no lights no computer. I was putting the finishing touches to a program and suddenly lost the lot. So I made a cup of coffee, had a little brie, crackers and quince jam and watched TV while the storm raged. I did find out that I have a hole in my uggies (ugg Boots) the water leaked into them too when I was out in the  storm surveying the problem. But I finished the quilt folks….. It's not the best photo…. I photographed  it in a rush after class tonight… but I will do better ones later. The quilt is flat, I managed to tame the small bump with the binding.

Finished quilting the quilt.

Does this ever happen to you? The difference in the quilting styles in this quilt has certainly been a challenge. However, I never have a problem I can always adjust it with the binding. First of all I cut my binding 3" wide. I like the binding to be a feature on the quilt. At 3" I end up with a very flat full binding and I don't have to stretch it to pull it over to the other side. This quilt is dead square… the little bubble at the bottom will be flattened by the binding. I measure through the centre of the quilt to get the measurement for the binding. Vertical and horizontal…. I used to sew my binding on with the walking foot ….. using the edge of the foot as a width guide. With the Janome Horizon and previous Janome 6600 it has the accufeed foot and that feeds the three layers through at the same time… it certainly helps.. Time for coffee and a relax the handsewing can wait till …