Street work quilting.


This is the back of the quilt.

I have a large stash and I never buy fabric for a quilt back, I like to use the fabric I have stored away.

The apple and newspaper piece was a wonderful cotton table cloth I picked up at an Antique Mall in the US. Its vintage, but I'm not precious about cutting it up… It looks surprising and I love it.


I audition my quilting and its a wonderful reference to have a scrap book of quilting lines.

This illustration represents the dark fabric in the centre of the quilt….

(Of course I do begin quilting right in the centre and radiate out)…so here it is.

So for the quilting.



I'm using this foot, Janome Converible free motion foot. The open toed shank is best for this project.



I'm stopping to do the hand quilting as I go….

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  1. This is looking impressive. I’m really looking forward to the finished item.

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